October 2018 Newsletter

What is Grand up to now? Lots of things! Grand is growing, adding new faces to go along with some of the ones you are familiar with. We are striving to add new individuals that bring a unique skillset that will go along with the experience that our group already holds. Here at Grand Industrial, we are working to help … Read More

February 2017 Newsletter

GRAND TRANSPORT- HEAVY HAULING Taking care of a customer means hauling not just the small equipment but hauling equipment that weighs over 55 tons. Hauling that much weight requires specialized equipment. More importantly, it takes a team of experienced drivers to get it there safely. Mike and Lance are pictured above hauling a crane and counterweights for Thieneman Construction. They … Read More

December 2016 Newsletter

GRAND TRANSPORT WISHING YOU A HAPPY HOLIDAY From a light load of canoes to heavy crawlers, cranes, and construction debris, Grand Transport can take care of all your hauling needs. Looking back on a great 2016, Grand Transport looks forward to helping you with all of your hauling, rigging, and dumpster needs as we continue to expand in 2017! Please … Read More

September 2016 Newsletter

GRAND TRANSPORT DELIVERS EXHIBIT TO IMTS FOR LMC WORKHOLDING LMC Workholding needed a 14,000 lb wheel chuck moved to an event center in Chicago for the International Manufacturing Technology Show. Grand Transport had the capabilities and the necessary equipment to load their 14,000 lb piece so that it arrived safe and secure at the trade show. Grand Transport is a … Read More

February 2015 Newsletter

GRAND TRANSPORT ADDS A VERSA-LIFT 25/35 Grand Transport is proud to show you our latest acquisition, a Versa-Lift 25/35. Grand owns forklifts from 3,000lb capacity through 40,000lb capacity. Our new Versa-Lift is a very versatile unit. With a wheelbase set at only 76in, it has 19,400lb of capacity 36in out. This allows the unit to be very maneuverable. The integral … Read More

September 2014 Newsletter

GRAND TRANSPORT ADDS HOOKLIFT TRUCK We have added a new truck to help service our customers’ needs- a Hook Hoist Truck! This truck has a 22′ long flat deck which can be used like a roll back truck to haul equipment. Only the deck lies completely flat on the ground for loading/ unloading procedures. The deck could also be dropped … Read More

June 2014 Newsletter

GRAND TRANSPORT HAULS TO CONSTRUCTION EXPO Grand Transport was honored to be selected by Hercules Equipment to move all of their equipment to and from Con Expo in Las Vegas this year. We hauled two units weighing over 100,000 lbs pictured above. We also hauled 3 legal loads consisting of attachments and smaller equipment. Grand took care of all the … Read More

April 2014 Newsletter

WE HAVE BEEN BUSY IN OUR CUSTOM FABRICATION SHOP… Grand Industrial is in the process of getting our NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification. In the first picture, you can see that we are fabricating a 3 bowl sink for a commercial kitchen. NSF required us to fabricate 5 different product classifications for their review. We fabricated sinks, tables, shelves, carts, … Read More

January 2014 Newsletter

CALL ON GRAND INDUSTRIAL FOR EXPERIENCED WORK ON ALL TYPES OF HEAT TREAT SYSTEMS Grand Industrial is poised to help you on your next heat treat equipment project. In picture one, you can see that we are changing a belt on a salt tank. Picture two shows us working on prepping an oven for new refractory. Grand is experienced in … Read More

June 2013 Newsletter

GRAND TRANSPORT HANDLES SUPER LOADS ON A REGULAR BASIS This week we are completing multiple loads that are 16′ in width. Picture one shows us hauling a brand new Cat Quarry Truck. We picked the truck up at the port in Baltimore and are hauling it to a quarry in Arkansas. GT took care of all the routing and permitting … Read More