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In an industry that demands quality, Grand Industrial meets your needs the first time around. We pride ourselves on simplifying complex projects and delivering long-term solutions. We aren’t here to cross off to-do lists. We’re here to listen to your needs and apply years of expertise and unmatched workmanship to build projects that last for generations. We believe in our team, and we invest in you and yours for the long run.

In 2006, Grand Industrial was built from the ground up by Justin Brown and Tom Smith. With six employees, one customer, and a wealth of knowledge, the partners pursued their belief that the construction contracting industry needed a different approach.
Today, Grand Industrial has grown into central Indiana’s leading industrial construction contractor. With in-house equipment and a turnkey service package, we find custom solutions and build lifelong partnerships. Our full-service model, including construction management by Grand Contracting, means your needs will be addressed efficiently under one roof.

Our Values

The Response

I & Energizer appreciate Grand Industrial taking the safety of their personnel so seriously. Colleague & Contractor safety is Energizer’s top priority and it is refreshing to find a contractor that appears to have the same values. I did reach out to Franklin’s Safety Coordinator a few days ago to inquire about any safety concerns she might have with your team there. I am happy to report that she had no concerns and commented that your team was very understanding regarding specific requests which she made.

I will say that in 30+ years of doing this type of work this is the first time I have received a report like this from a Contractor. What a great surprise on a Friday!

Thanks again for your emphasis on and attention to safety in the workplace!

Mike M.

Upon receiving customer copy of recent on site safety audit:

“This is very good stuff, From my position in this ballgame it truly eases my mind knowing that the details are all covered. Appreciate your work!”

Terry Paul - Maintenance & Engineering Manager

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