February 2015 Newsletter


Grand Transport is proud to show you our latest acquisition, a Versa-Lift 25/35. Grand owns forklifts from 3,000lb capacity through 40,000lb capacity.

Our new Versa-Lift is a very versatile unit. With a wheelbase set at only 76in, it has 19,400lb of capacity 36in out. This allows the unit to be very maneuverable. The integral boom can operate independently of the forks for stabilization of a top heavy load or the forks can be removed. The boom can also be removed to operate as a normal forklift.

The unit also has hydrostatic drive for smooth moving and inching. The counter weight and back wheels can be extended from the unit to increase lifting capacity at 36in off face to 28,600lb. This increases wheel base to 112in.

We think this unit will be very useful in all the tight quarters we work within. The complete unit only weighs 32,000lb so it is a legal haul for our Landolls to site.

Please give Vance a call if you have any questions or you would like to see our new tool.

Judd Brown & Vance Campbell
Grand Transport LLC

Grand Transport LLC

A division of Grand Industrial is ready to serve you with all our resources:

  • Versa-Lift 25/35
  • Hook Truck 38,000 lb Capacity Flatbed or Dump Box
  • 5 Heavy Duty Set Trucks
  • Lowboys 60k to 120k Capacity
  • 80k Capacity Landoll Sliding Axle Trailers with 20k Winch
  • Drop Deck with Container Hooks
  • Flatbed
  • Roll Off Trailer with Containers and Flat Deck
  • Tandem Flatbed Truck with Tag Trailer
  • Single Axle Flatbed Truck with Small Equipment Trailers
  • Forklifts with Capacities up to 40,000 lbs.
  • Secured Storage Yard and Enclosed Warehouse Storage Facility in Logansport
  • 30,000lb Rollback Truck