October 2018 Newsletter

What is Grand up to now? Lots of things! Grand is growing, adding new faces to go along with some of the ones you are familiar with. We are striving to add new individuals that bring a unique skillset that will go along with the experience that our group already holds. Here at Grand Industrial, we are working to help solve the problems that may slow your business down or, worse, bring it to a halt.

A diverse set of skills and the ability to mobilize quickly to your jobsite is just one of the ways that Grand Industrial stands apart from the competition. Recently, we were called upon to assist one of our clients in removing a large ingot from the melting area of their facility. We utilized our 80k forklift to get this large piece out of the area; using the jib on the forklift, we were able to extend out the 12’ and pick up the 25,000-lb. piece and remove it. This call for help came on a holiday and with very short notice, but Grand Industrial rose to the occasion and made it happen for our client.

Our fabrication shop has been working hard to meet all the different challenges clients bring to them—and they have successfully met every demand given. One of our clients sent us an email saying they were in a pinch and really needed our help. A copper block that went to one of their ovens had failed and needed a replacement in a hurry. Steve Fox, our fabrication shop supervisor, took this task on firsthand. Working against time, he was able to get this block turned around in a hurry and to the facility so that they were able to run the oven on 3rd shift. “Wow, what a great turn around,” our client said. They added that it “fit and worked perfect.”

Grand Industrial is your one-stop shop: millwright, trucking, fabrication—the list goes on. We will meet your deadline with quality work and professionalism that is second to none. We look forward to working with you now and in the future as we continue to grow and face new challenges. We do what others can’t, shouldn’t, or won’t.