Concrete Finisher

  • Possess basic hand tools (boots, float, trowels, knee pads, edger, hammer, tape measure, tool belt, and square)
  • Set forms for wood, steel, and Symons
  • Install expansion joints and matts, drill dowels, and tie rebar cages
  • Run a see grade and kumalong
  • Run a screed board, including wet grades and screeding to a form or existing slab
  • Be able to hand float, hand trowel, edge, and joint concrete
  • Bullfloat, Fresno, and run a broom
  • Run machinery
  • Rub out curbs and walls, while green or cured
  • Sawcut using a hand-held saw or walk-behind saw
  • Work at a fast pace as need to keep up with concrete set time
  • Clean and put away all company tools after use
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