February 2017 Safety Bulletin

Weather Update: Seems like spring is rapidly approaching. We are seeing above normal warm temperatures, but as everyone knows, this could change at any time. With the increase in warm temperatures comes severe weather. It is important that all employees know where to go during these events. Along with the warm temperatures often comes complacency. By now everyone is experiencing cabin fever, and with nice days ahead, their minds will be wandering. Always keep your eye on the job at hand. Most accidents can be prevented simply by paying attention to your task and being mindful of the people working around you..

Safety Meeting:

First Quarter Safety Meeting

Topics: Lockout/Tagout, Fall Protection, Accident Investigation, Fire Protection, and gas powered chop saws
Guests: Travelers Insurance
Where: Logansport Fabrication Shop
When: March 31st, 2017
Time: Meeting to start at 7am

All employees will need to bring their safety harnesses. All employees who drive a company vehicle will need to bring the fire extinguishers from their trucks.

Lunch will be provided for all employees.

JSA’s and Toolbox Talks: Keep up the good work! I have seen a huge improvement on the way everyone has been filling out their JSA’s. This is a very important tool for all job sites. Not only does it let everyone know what to expect on the job site, but also informs everyone of the proper PPE, contacts, and overall conditions. If anyone has questions regarding the JSA system or the toolbox talk forms, please contact us right away.

2016 in General:Last year was a good year for the company. Our Experience Modification Rating Factor was steady at a 0.66. This is the grade that allows us to work many job sites. Most customers want contractors with an EMR less than 1.0. This shows our customers our dedication to safety and cannot be done without all employees being on board. A huge THANK YOU to all our employees for working safely! Let’s all do our part to make 2017 an even safer year!