February 2013 Newsletter


This month we are highlighting our concrete work. The first picture shows Grand Industrial on a rare residential project. This customer wanted a special cantilever concrete deck on their pool. The homeowner inquired of the local ready mix supplier whom they would recommend. The supplier’s first suggestion was Grand Industrial. It took a little bit of ingenuity to finish the deck edge facing the inside of the pool…but as always- we got it. The second picture shows the site of a $500,000.00 concrete project we recently completed utilizing 8″ thick rebar reinforced concrete for truck traffic. Grand Industrial completes all their own excavating and grading work to ensure quality and timely construction. We own electric concrete blankets to enable work in cold exterior conditions or in freezers/ coolers.

Please let us know if we can quote or help with the planning and design of your next concrete project.

Judd Brown & Tom Smith

Grand Industrial LLC

  • Engineering
  • Total Project Management
  • Demolition/ Dismantling
  • Concrete Construction
  • Speciaty Floor Coatings
  • Industrial Doors
  • Full Service Fabrication Facility
  • Millwright and Rigging
  • Conveyor Fabrication and Installation
  • Preventative Maintenance Programming and Execution
  • Forklifts up to 40,000lbs